Introduction to Spoon Carving

Introduction to Spoon Carving

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Spoon carving is a traditional craft that encourages you to follow the grain of the wood and create a functional tool using only hand tools.

This introductory class is a great opportunity to try green woodworking. Working from green wood is very different from traditional woodworking. Green wood means a freshly cut log which is full of moisture. This makes it easier to carve then seasoned, dry wood. You will learn the fundamentals of this craft and take home at least one functional cooking spoon with you. 

You will start an already axed out spoon blank which is a great opportunity to learn the safe use of the carving and curved spoon knife. This will enable you to shape the handle and the bowl of the spoon. We’ll also cover wood choices, oils and finishes.

What's included with the course?

All tools and materials will be provided. The group size is limited to 5 to ensure appropriate tuition time for each individual. Also there will be plenty of tea and coffee throughout the course and all the biscuits one can wish for. 


The course will be at my workshop on the Steeton hillside.