About The Maker


“Our tools allow us to create beautiful objects out of raw materials. These tools should serve us as reliable companions, an extension of our body. That is my aim when I make my products. Perfect ergonomics, exceptional materials and quality of craftmanship. From the skill of the blacksmith, hand forging the blades, through my many years of experience with woodwork to the last stitches in the thick leather sheath, everything is an essential part of creating something that will outlast our generation. An exceptionally functional tool that is a joy to look at. I want to create a tool which will be handed down to the next generation with a patina on the handle that only could be achieved through years of use”

Peter Kovacs

The man behind Soulwood Creations

I am a designer and maker born in Hungary and living in the UK since 2010.

I had the opportunity from a very young age to try out various crafts, such as leatherwork, woodcarving, working with felt and pottery, amongst other things.

I have trained as a furniture maker in Hungary and after my initial move to England, I have became a veneerist then a cabinet maker and a draftsman.

I have became disillusioned with the modern woodworking practices.  I have ended up working with manufactured boards for the majority of the time which is very far removed from my initial love of the woodlands. That is, until I discovered green woodworking. Using an axe and a knife to carve, following the grain of the freshly felled tree. It was a revelation. 

My interest lies in crafts in general and since I moved to England the heritage crafts here had a massive impact on me. It fascinates me that the processes of a craft are born from a deep understanding of the materials. 

I have gained a degree in Product & Furniture design at The Kingston University and have won a few awards as a young designer.

After a short lived career in the furniture design profession I have founded my own business to make what is my heart truly desired.