25th - 26th February - Axe Hafting and Sheath Making Course

25th - 26th February - Axe Hafting and Sheath Making Course

Soulwood Creations

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This two day course will guide you through making your very own carving axe.  On the first day you will learn about the right wood for axe handles, how to hang an axe head and carve my signature faceted ergonomic handle.

On the second day I will introduce you to the fundamentals of leatherworking through making a custom sheath for your axe. These skills such as saddle stitching, edge finishing and dyeing will enable you to venture on to many different leather projects if you wish to do so in the future. 

This course also includes a hand forge axe head that I use for my axes. You will also learn how to sharpen your axe to a razor edge so you can return home with a perfect tool for all of your future wood carving projects.

This is the first course I will run in my new workshop which located on the picturesque hillside in Steeton, North Yorkshire.

Returns & Refund Policy:
You can cancel up to 40 days prior to the course date. Under these circumstances a £20 cancellation fee will be subtracted from the course refund. After this threshold we cannot refund any course fees.

Lunch are provided on the course, along with unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits. 

Following your booking you will receive an email where all details and information (parking, location, access, etc.) will be shared with you.