Special #1 Carving Axe (James Wood Edition)

Special #1 Carving Axe (James Wood Edition)

Soulwood Creations

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This special #1 carving axe is made to stand out. The material selection and processes such as the hand carved faceted ergonomic handle which represent the next generation of my handle design. I have pushed my skills to their limits in order to create axes that are not just exceptionally functional but going beyond the simple aesthetics of a working tool. Using a specially made and stamped axe heads which showcases James Woods excellent craftmanship.

This carving axe was designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind. The traditional bearded head profile, and the faceted re-curved handle makes it an ideal carving axe.

Features a faceted hand carved English ash handle. The facets improves the grip on the axe, which means you can use your axe longer without getting blisters or fatiguing your hand.

The symmetrical 30 degree flat grind is an ideal choice for cutting performance but robust enough to maintain a sharp edge for a longer period of time.

The hand-stitched thick vegetable tanned leather sheath is custom made for each axe, so they fit perfectly and protect the razor sharp edge. The stamping on both side of the sheath is further enhanced by the faded dye work. 

I have introduced a proud wedge on all of my axes. This serves a dual functionality. If the axe is going to be used in a really hot and dry climate there is a chance that the handle might shrink a little but with a few taps on the wedge the handle could be re-tightened. The secondary function of this is that with an axe that is meant to be used for generations there will come a time when the edge needs to be re-ground and this is a lot easier to achieve if the head is removed from the handle. With a proud wedge it is easier to get a purchase on the wedge and remove it as opposed to when it's trimmed flush.

  • Total weight: 700g (approx)

  • Cutting edge length: 13cm (approx)

  • Handle length: 28cm


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