Special Carver (Cocobolo)

Special Carver (Cocobolo)

Soulwood Creations

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This knife has a 88mm straight blade from Hewn & Hone. These blades have been hand-sharpened after hollowing to give the easy to maintain flat-over-hollow edge geometry. These blades were designed by Nic Westermann It features a hollowed spine that has been smoothed and polished for comfort when push cutting. This is a robust blade that will cope with dry as well as green wood.

This straight knife features a faceted Cocobolo handle with a Black Wood bolster.

The handle is the refined version of my standard handle design. It`s ergonomics are further enhanced and made to compliment this robust blade.

This knife comes with a vegetable tanned full grain "Yorkshire Dragon Hide" sheath. It is saddle stitched and stamped with a scale pattern to make your knife truly stand out. 

Handle length: 130mm

Blade Length: 88mm

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